Kenneth A. McArthur

Hey Folks,

Just back from jvAlert Live Long Beach and what a weekend it was!

I’ll be putting up some pictures soon to give you an idea, but bottom-line, it was amazing!

We are family!

We come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and backgrounds. Our beliefs, temperaments and attitudes are all over the place, probably just like YOUR family, but this family is about as welcoming as I’ve ever seen.

We had a lot of new attendees and they were constantly coming up and telling me what a great group of people we had at this event.

All of the speakers were outstanding and there were lots of Internet marketing superstars and pioneers there, but even the newest of the newbies felt like they were in heaven as they discovered up close and personal how great these people are.

Update on Jeff Wellman

One of the people at jvAlert Live was Jeff Wellman. For more than 20 years, Jeff Wellman worked as a manager at a dairy farm.

His dad had been a dairy farmer, and his dad before him. Then a isaster struck Jeff’s town, and his only source of employment for two decades was wiped off the map. Jeff had a wife and six kids to are for and he had no choice but to get a new job.

The local economy was depressed so Jeff took the only job that was available.

Jeff became a “caser manager” at a baby food factory. Each day he at and watched a “caser” package one box of baby food after another… after another… for 8 to 10 hours a day.

Jeff thought that he had no choice. His bosses promised Jeff that he’d get to learn more, have more responsibility, more opportunity, but those chances never came along.

Jeff stuck around anyway, because they made Jeff the same promises you’ve probably heard:

  • “Work for us for 20 years Jeff, and you’ll be set for life.”
  • “Just wait until retirement Jeff, your pension will take care of
  • everything.”
  • “We’ve got you covered Jeff, our company health care can protect
  • your family.”

And then came the word.

“I’m sorry to have to tell you this…but you’re going to be laid off on May 1st.”

So there Jeff was, 46 years old, 3 kids still at home, a mortgage to pay and no “Real-World” Experience At all. You can imagine how Jeff was feeling. He knew he had to do something, but had no idea what. His only experience consisted of milking cows and pushing boxes.

Now that’s a pain!

And Jeff isn’t the only person that has run into this. All over the world people who thought that they were set for the rest of their life are finding out that as they hit their 40s, 50s or 60s that the world is passing them by and is NOT going to take care of them in the coming years.

I met Jeff in the weeks right after he found out he was losing his job. His son, Keith Wellman, had been a friend and a speaker at jvAlert Live and so I invited Jeff to come to the “Get Your Product Done” Workshop in Atlanta.

Jeff was soaking up everything as fast as he could, feeling a bit overwhelmed and taking crucial ACTION to make sure that he got his first product done.

That first product was an amazing success! In fact, When Jeff launched that product, it wasn’t a trickle of money coming in. It was a flood of cold, hard cash, $104,000 in 30 days, to be exact and $104,000 was more than Jeff had been making in an entire year!

Jeff has had a lot of help along the way and he has taken what he learned and what worked in REAL LIFE for Jeff personally and is now solving exactly the same problem that he had to face for a whole new crop of people that are in the same boat that Jeff was in not too long ago.

Click here to take a look at what Jeff is doing now!

Passing the torch …

While we were together at jvAlert Live, Jeff got an e-mail from one of his subscribers.

Dear Jeff,

I hope it is ok to call you Jeff,

I feel Like I have known you forever. It is almost like
you can see into my life and know what it is that I need
most. I am sure this is something God enables you to do.
Although I really don’t know God all that well.

I have been following you since you layed off your boss.

Way to go man…that was great!

I have also been trying to tell my father that he can
do the same as you. I have been learning and trying to
show him also but he just is unhappy and does not respond
to me at all.

He has lost the feeling that he is really capable of
meeting the needs of his family.

He works at a gas station right now and it is hard to
really keep all of the bills paid. Plus he really does
not like the job he is doing.

He lost a pretty good job due to a company downsizing after
17 years of giving everything he had to this place.

Today I seen your new product and read the sales page.

I cried for my father. Was not a pretty site for a 17
year old boy to be crying like a baby.

I showed my father this, he was reluctant at first as usual
until I showed him the cows. I thought they were great. Got
to admit it was something I didn’t expect to see on a sales
page. Anyways my Father wouldn’t read the story so I read it
to him.

When I was done I told my father that he was You and I
believed in him the way that your son Keith believed in you.

It got pretty bad for awhile as my father hugged me for the
first time I can ever remember, and a 17 your old boy and
a 38 year old man cried together. This was the first
time my father showed me this genuine quality I always
knew he had.

I don’t know if this product is something that is doing
well for you or not. But please know that it made a

My father still does not know that he is cut out for
an Internet business. But I think he believes it is
something I can do now.

He said to say thank you to the man with the cows.
And then He SMILED. You don’t know how long it has been.

Thank you so much


It’s the little things …

You see the little things that we do for other people just keep coming around. Jeff was able to get his product done because he came to my events and now the work that he is doing is changing other people’s lives.

And it didn’t take years. It just took months.

Those life changing stories were all over jvAlert Live.

I had three separate people come up and tell me that they had put together multi-million dollar projects at the event. That’s pretty amazing, but the best part was the countless stories of hope and the new friendships that were busting out all over the place.

Great job from Micheal Savoie and the jvAlert Live Team

Micheal Savoie and his entire team were amazing as they supported everyone who came to jvAlert Live. Every person on the team was outstanding! No slackers in that group! Micheal did all this despite the fact that he is deeply involved in his own launch called Extreme Product Explosion: Info Product Creation Lab.

Check it out for sure. Instructors Willie Crawford, Mark Hendricks, Matthew Glanfield, Micheal Savoie and Theo Baskind are letting only 250 people to the head of the class, where you will not only get the latest information on product creation, but you also get a product on the 15th of every month that you can brand and call your own. Don’t miss it!

Extreme Product Explosion: Info Product Creation Lab.

Kind words from the attendees …


I just wanted to send a note to thank you for such a FABULOUS seminar! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend Sunday, but WOW! I got so much out of Friday and Saturday and am very appreciative that I was able to attend.

Good job! It was very nice to meet you and all the team.

Beverly Arden

more …


When we first spoke back in April you told me I had to come to jvAlert Live. Then I kept hearing about the “jvAlert family” and “family reunions”. I was skeptical since I didn’t know very many people in the Internet Marketing world and I didn’t know if I would fit into “the family”.

jvAlert Live in Long Beach this past weekend changed my life. The accessibility of the world class speakers and the warm welcome shown by the veteran jvAlert attendees was nothing short of amazing.

I received many, many very valuable business contacts, several friendships, and two multi-million dollar projects… Thank you for inviting me into the jvAlert family!

Nick Marks

The Magical Ben Mack …

Here’s some news from the amazing magician Ben Mack.

According to Ben, learning is real magic because when you know something new, you get empowered.

“Books are a uniquely portable magic”
~ Stephen King

So, what kind of book might have really powerful magic?

How about an easy to read book on learning? What if it were fun?

They say it can’t be done. Ben says YES, it will be done and this week it’s a wonder packed week of sparkling events …

October 25th Paulie Sabol hosts Joshua Waitzkin on putting The Art of Learning into practice

“Josh Waitzkin’s The Art of Learning is a testimonial to the timeless principle of ‘do less and accomplish more.’ Highly recommended for those who want to understand the power of consciousness.”
~Deepak Chopra

with special guest questions from Jarek Robbins & Manny Goldman

Joshua Waitzkin who wrote…
==> The Art of Learning.

Joshua Waitzkin
8-time National Chess Champion
13-time Tai Chi Chuan Push Hands National Champion
2-time Tai Chi Chuan Push Hands World Champion

Here’s what’s coming …

~Josh Waitzkin (Chess/Martial Arts famous dude)
~Paulie Sabol
~Jairek Robbins (Tony’s son)
~Manny Goldman
~Dave Lakhani
~Robert Butwin
~BIG MONEY Jerry Clark


Get your magic going on…

Click here to register for the events

So much more going on I can’t begin to tell you!

All the best,

Kenneth A. McArthur

P.S. Tentative dates for jvAlert Live Orlando, February 8th, 9th and 10th. Mark them down NOW!

P.P.S. For the official word on Jason Oman’s current status, go to the official site at:

  • Ken I want to thank you so much for doing the things you do.

    I talked to our youth group tonight about some of the things Ilearned this past weekend at JVAlertLive. I shared with them the things you talked about with us on having an Impact in thelives of others. Lets just say that it became a very emotional night in our youth group. We have several in our youth group that are all adopted or in foster homes. These kids don’t feel like they really have much that could make a difference in the lives of others. I explained to them that even the things we look at as a failure can be the thing that had the biggest impact in the life of someone else.

    I read the email I recieved that you mentioned above. I explained that the launch I had was something That most would consider a failure in this business, but that when it touched someones life like it did could we consider it as a failure. All agreed that it was not.

    We found that as we discussed the topic throughout the evening that we are trying to make an Impact all by ourself. What would happen if we all joined together to make an Impact.

    Ken I join you in your quest to make the Impact you desire in this world.

    Thank you for making the JVAlertLive event possible. I wish I could give you all the credit my friend, but it is everyone that was there that made it the event that nobody should ever miss. There is not another event that could possibly hold a candle to what took place this past weekend.

    Thank you!

    Jeff Wellman

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  • Hi Ken

    Well, you know you’ve “made it” when your name shows up in Ken McArthur’s tags! LOL.

    JVAlert was a profitable, exciting weekend for me. The only blemish on my time in Long Beach was the raging fires from there to San Diego. My prayers go out to everyone there.

    Here are some photos form the event:

    Take care

  • Ken, I can’t wait for JV Alert Orlando and get back in with the family.
    I missed everybody.

    Thank you for allowing Clear Impact Media to launch my first Home-study-Course!
    Scott Paton, your draft sales page has been reeking havoc… where did you get that picture of me when I was 19?
    True magic!

    Readers, that be you, who want in…

    and, you’ll need One More Thing…
    ==> the Magical Pass Code: realworldjv

    I’m up in Cour D’ Alane with Butterfly wizard Becky and Million Dollar Mike! The JV Alert family stretches far and wide!

    Blessings all!

    Ken, have I ever told you how lucky you make me?


  • Ken,

    jvAlert Live brought me back into contact with friends from previous events and brand new friends like Best Selling author Glen Hopkins, Dan Kelly, Scott Paton (who is really good with a camera – better than I am, lol), Donna Rougeau, Kathe Lucas, David Watson and Dr. Mike Woo Ming. I can tell you I would never have made those friendships without being a part of the “family” – and I don’t mean Sal’s family, either.

    You can bet I am going to be on top of any promotions for any of the folks I met there, because once you meet a person live, you bond, and I know I fight hard for my friends.

    As usual Ken, you made the event a resounding success, I am so glad you gave me the opportunity to help you with the logistics, and if you ever need help again, you can count on me.

    Have an amazing day!

    Micheal Savoie

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  • Hi Ken (and Michael),

    Wow…what a wonderful 4 days I just had with my new JV Alert “family”!

    This being my first JVAlertLive encounter, it was great to see some familiar faces again, and the diverse speaker lineup was more than I could have ever hoped to encounter in one long weekend.

    I kept hearing things like, “the west coast JV Alert is different”. Well, let me tell you, if this was “different” – I think the rest of the JVAlert family certainly missed the boat by not being there!

    I’ll have to make Orlando in February, no doubt, just to make sure I catch the impact of both sides! 🙂

    Besides all that, (and what I was too choked up to fully express in the roundup ;), the attendees themselves were among THE BEST I could have ever hoped to share my time with and made just as much of an impact on me as the speakers!

    Truly some wonderful people to meet and hang out with – even Jorge the Greek and his girls!

    As far as I’m concerned, this was not your “average” Internet Marketing group, and THAT is what I loved about it.

    No doubt, I made friendships and forged new business ventures that will last a lifetime.

    Michael, I’ll be helping you (and Ken) again the first chance I get – just call me! 🙂

    I know no other way of saying it, except THANK YOU ALL for who you are and all you do. To list all of you would take up a whole blog post, but i’ll be emailing, writing, or calling you soon!

    …and Ken, quadruple those thanks to you my man, and all you’ve brought to us as “head of the family”! No doubt you made an impact on many people this past weekend, and will continue to do so far into the future! We love and appreciate you very much!

    Hoping everyone had a safe trip home and that those we left behind fared the horrific California fires well.

    My Best To You All,

    Kathe Lucas

    P.S. I’ll get all the photos up and post a link soon! 😉

  • Ken,

    Words can’t express how thankful I am for what you are doing with JVAlert! Thank you for such an awesome event you put together. Through this event I made connections that will grow my business faster than I ever thought possible. Your event enabled me to really get some one on one time with the gurus, and it also helped me realize the power of joint ventures! What an incredible 4 days it was! Thank you, and please feel free to use this as a testimonial for any promotions with JVAlert!

    God Bless,

    Paul Counts

  • Ken, I want to thank you once again for all you do and for such an amazing experience! Everyone was so open to meeting new people and sharing ideas. The speakers were so amazing and inspiring and, of course, informative. In order to make some progress now, I realize I will have to take the advice that someone gave (sorry, I can’t remember who!) about paring down the number of lists and emails and gurus to just a few…it’s the only way not to spend all your time and money on everyone else’s ideas. Once again, I am so grateful for the opportunity to meet you and so many of your friends. The fires have taken up all the oxygen, but we are safe this year thank God (police called a voluntary evacuation for us in 2005 though)! My heart goes out to all the people who lost their homes. Life can be scary, and it is good to meet new people and strengthen ties to each other.

  • Ken,

    Just so you know I will be working on a video testimonial for you for you to use for JVAlertAlive promoting. What we all experienced was beyond words. When you can get together with the quality of people that were at this event it becomes what some would call majical. I call it a God Thing myself. We laughed with each other, We Cried with each other, We prayed with each other, We learned from each other, we chared with each other and most important we Became one with each other as a family. No other event could possibly do what JV Aert Live does for so many people and that is HAVE AN IMPACT and make a difference. Ken so many people that give with such intensity that you do often find themself unable to give anymore. They become dry and empty, But the return of the giving back to you from those that attend your event (I should say our event) keeps you going and ready to give again.

    Keep reaching into that bag of gifts that GOD has given you to share, and keep passing them out. You are well on your way to hearing “Well done my good and faithful servant ,Enter In”


  • Ken,

    I seriously doubt anyone else (especially of your stature) in the IM community is as kind and generous as you are!
    Your caring nature pervades your event throughout the weekend, and I can sense the difference…it is not just sell, sell,
    sell. I know that what IM is primarily for, but the relationship forming aspects come to the forefront of the group.
    The “family” label on JV Alert West, felt absolutely accurate.

    You run a fabulous event, with really superior speakers and experts, who are very approachable and kind.
    Occasionally I have found the speakers at other events avoiding the attendees. but not at JV Alert West.
    A great deal of really good information was given, and I will be going over my very useful notes for a long while.

    Feeling the wonderful positive buzz from the weekend makes me want to plan for Orlando in February!


  • Hey Ken,

    You’re a rockstar 🙂

    See you in February!

    Thanks, Si

  • Hi Ken,
    Glad you had a great weekend. Ben Mack sent me over here. I’m enjoying all the interviews put together as a series. Jeff’s story is very encouraging. Thanks for sharing it.


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  • Ken,

    Reading your posts really gets me thinking and WORKING! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to attend a jvAlert Live conference yet, but am hoping to in the coming months.

    Again thank you for all the info and professionalism, I love reading every post of yours!


  • Ken,

    Its coming up on 6 months since I attended your JV alert Event in Long Beach, WOW I can’t believe its flown by! I also was surprised that I hadn’t left a testimonial here for you about my experience with your event… because it in fact changed my life!

    I made relationships that I have not followed up on, which is unfortunate because there was not one that was more inportant than another, its that the value recieved that way from your event was SO much that I couldn’t take advantage of it all or take it all in! What a great problem to have…

    I did however meet my business partner at your event, and hopefully we will be at your next JV alert introducing the business that was born out of our meeting at JValert Longbeach in 2007 …

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything Ken,

    You DO change lives, and outcomes!


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