Stefanie Hartman Talks About Ken McArthur’s Events <-- Here's What She REALLY Thinks!

Upcoming dates:

Impact San Diego March 19th-21st.

jvAlert Live Philadelphia May 14th–16th.

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Is Your Kid Entrepreneurial? – Check Out jvAlert Live for Kids!

It’s always a joy to see kids getting an early start on the entrepreneurial mind set.

Over the years, a number of people have encouraged me to host a jvAlert Live for kids.

This time jvAlert Live attendee Lori Grimaldi lit a firecracker under my seat and told me that we really should take action on this idea.

So …

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Best-Selling Author Mark Joyner – Featured Speaker at the Impact Event San Diego

Picture 150 of the most amazing and influential people in the world gathered in one place for an mind expanding weekend of networking, collaboration, synergy, creation and fun!

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New Credit Card Merchant Account Guidelines for Direct Marketers

As continued support for merchants conducting business in a manner that protects both businesses and consumers from fraud, PowerPay is providing additional criteria and Best Practice Guidelines.

Direct Response merchants are defined as those marketing directly to consumers. Historical marketing channels include radio, television, mail, and print, along with demonstration booths and door-to-door salespeople. Internet websites and marketing capabilities have presented new opportunities for this industry, along with new challenges.

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How to Pick a GREAT Domain Name for a Start-Up

Are domain names important?

Could be – or maybe not.

It really depends what people use them for. Some websites get all of their traffic through direct links, so people never have to type them in.

But … for most of us a great domain name can translate directly to better results.

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