I was in Boston this weekend for some time with family.

It reminded me of the wonderful family that we’ve built together for our jvAlert Live and Impact Events.

Family is all about keeping the wonderful history we have built together, supporting each other as we grow and rejoicing in the powerful changes that surround us every day.

Over the years and MANY events we have grown and developed and now is the time to look at a changing world and decide how we want to adapt for the many wonderful future events that WILL happen.

We have a history together and it’s important to history that we change is ways that allow us to THRIVE!

Nothing ever stays the same, so the key to growth is to keep the important, expand into the new and enjoy the adventure of life!

So what do we change and how do we make sure that we keep the IMPORTANT?

The first jvAlert Live was a one day event with no speakers — all hotseats.

It cost less than $60 to attend and we added an optional networking dinner the night before and a networking breakfast the morning after.

Most of our events now start on Thursday night with the networking dinner, then take off with speakers, hot seats panel discussions, a lunch series and networking for three solid days and then a networking breakfast on Monday morning.

That’s growth for you!

Prices range from as little as $97 for the Impact event, up to $1,297 for jvAlert Live (if you don’t get in before the $695 Early-Bird Special is gone.)

Over the years, MANY people have given me lots of great input on live events and how to make them better.

I’ve done $5,000 product development workshops, $97 one day events, pure hot seat events and everything in-between.

Some people tell me that my customers want me, so cut back on the speakers and just teach people.

Other people are attracted by all of the powerful people who are part of the family who they can network with.

I know that giving you cutting edge technology, trends and great speakers is important, but we all know that the networking and joint ventures are the most powerful payoff in the long-term.

I’ve been told that I should raise the price because elite people want a screening process and that people won’t believe that these people are priceless to know unless I’m charging $3-5K to get in the door.

It’s an open secret that literally millions of dollars in joint ventures are completed at every jvAlert Live or Impact event.

It’s also an open secret that I don’t personally make a lot of money off of the events.

My events have always been profitable, but not in the ways that you might imagine.

I started my live events because I wanted to be with you.

I wanted to share what I’ve learned and spend time with amazing people.

I continued them because I saw that coming to these events changes lives — every time.

I’m still amazed by the miracle.

So if I don’t really do live events because it’s the best way for me to make money, why do I do it?

Honestly, I do it for you and for me.

I want our time together to be something very special and if it ever stops happening, I”ll quietly go away.

Things change and my legacy is not in a series of events. It’s in the people that you and I touch every day.

So how can my events change to serve you?

What does your heart, mind and spirit want from our times together?

Would you like events to be shorter? Longer? Less frequent? More frequent?  Regional, National, International? Workshop only? More speakers? Less speakers? In cheaper hotels? Fancier hotels? More content? Less content and more networking? More structure? Less Structure?

What is REALLY important to you?

But …

Don’t tell me if you really don’t want it.

Tell me about the event that you WOULD show up for. That you would pay your hard earned cash to be at and be THRILLED to do it.

I appreciate whatever you can tell me.

All the best,

Ken McArthur

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