Marketing Controversy Heats Up As Ken McArthur Grabs a $200,000.00 Watch …


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Kenneth A. McArthurHey Folks,

People are coming out of the woodwork over yesterday’s post and I’m talking about some Internet marketing “super-stars.”

Neil Shearing put in an appearance all the way from the UK and decided to heat things up with an international “outing” of me and my digital watch.  This is a first time experience for me — the glare of publicity turning it’s ugly side upon my smiling face!

Neil has the nerve to say that he has an “uglier watch” and now he wants to see if anyone can top me!

Willie Crawford told me I should let my wife dress me!

Peter Koenig, told me I could take down the whole Internet if I wasn’t careful.

Ben Mack told me that Photoshop would help, but as it turned out Doug Champigny generously decided that he would take things into his own hands and make sure that one of the world’s most expensive watches was on my wrist.

According to Forbes Magazine, they start at about $200,000.00 and go up from there — so I could switch pictures without any additional expense on my part, but die-hard fans are pushing me to stay the course.

This debate may never end!

But …

There is a real marketing lesson to be learned from all of this fun.

You see there is a dollar value to a sense of humor or a bit of controversy.

It seems that we are all more interested in enjoying each other’s company than in endless headlines of great riches.

In fact, my top-producing e-mail subject headline for the month was one that Andrew Jackson correctly predicted would produce my best “Open Rate” for a long time.

Here’s the #1 Top-Producing E-Mail Subject Line for the Month

“a little feedback for you”

As Andrew pointed out, ”

Everyone is Always looking for feedback.”

What we have going here is a “feedback loop.” 

I’m going to define a “feedback loop” as: “Any loop that actively grows because of feedback that other people provide.”

The bottom-line is that all I did was kick it off, then YOU grew the impact by providing feedback.

Feedback loops do some pretty amazing things all on their own, but here’s where the fun really kicks in!

Feedback loops can be artificially intensified and the more intense, the greater the impact.

“In order to create intensity, you need to up the volume and shorten the timeframe.”

Comments on a blog are much like trying to get forums or a chat room going.

Let’s take a chat room as an example.

  1. A person comes in and no one is there so they leave
  2. Another person comes in and no one is there so they leave
  3. Repeat 1,000 times

To make a chat room successful, you need to get two people there at the SAME time.

To make it even more intense, get 30 people there at the same time.

Most feedback loops work the same way.

Now let’s make this really fun!

The more people the more fun — and the more profit.

This works for everyone that’s involved, so let’s stir up a little more noise.

We’ve already had some great creativity for building this HUGE controversy about my watch and some of the world’s most experienced marketer’s picked up on an opportunity to capitalize on the traffic headed to this blog.

Because Neil Shearing put a post about this blog on his blog, more traffic will be moving from this blog to his.  Why?  Because I mentioned his post and YOU went there!

I would love to see how creative YOU can be for driving traffic to this blog and in return, I’ll pick the best of the best and link to creative examples of how to drive traffic to this page on YOUR blogs and websites.

If we all take part at the same time, it should give us some really good ideas for creative marketing, demonstrate how “feedback loops” can be intensified and generate traffic to your sites and blogs tool.

The key is that you have to do it now, because remember the rule.

“In order to create intensity, you need to up the volume and shorten the timeframe.”

So the most intense of you will be getting traffic courtesy of a HUGE Internet Marketing controversy.

If you are REALLY creative, you will figure out ways to joint venture with me to drive traffic back and forth — and I know that this crowd is incredibily creative.

Let’s have some fun!

There are already posts on the Warrior’s forum and Michel Fortin’s Copywriter’s Board.  Where else can you stir the pot?

All the best,

Kenneth A. McArthur

P.S. Get signed up for all three blogs right now!


  • Ken
    Don’t let peer pressure get the best of you. Please don’t be a sell out to those who are looking for substance and don’t care what you wear unless of course you plan on marketing those watches. Yikes! I think the only way you can now keep it real is to put the watch back on and send that new very expensive watch to me. LOL

    Coach Bill

  • Very Insightful thoughts concerning “feedback loops” Ken! In fact – I believe you’re pointing out a Great Marketing Equation that internet marketing professionals should study, learn, and apply.

    If Intensity equals Profit – then we should do all we can to Increase Volume, and Decrease Time… Figure out the best ways in which to increase Volume, while decreasing Time – and you can grow your Feedback Loop exponentially!

    When you hit the Golden Mean of this equation – give me a call – because you’ll be swimming in riches. Until then, thanks for the shout out.

  • Ken,

    Let me pose a question for you. Probably won’t answer your dilema but might help you decide. Just how much more accurate can a $200,000 watch be than a $39.95 Timex? I don’t see you as a wutz or a sell out so I think you will keep the watch you,ve got. In fact I have money riding on it! One suggestion I would make, aside from ignore the suggestion to let your wife dress you, is that the watch needs to be more prominently displayed in your next picture. And no I am not going along with replacing your face with the watch face. Just hold your arm up a little and pull your sleeve back a tad.

    I wear $19.95 Timex, black plastic with stainless steel band. It is pretty ugly but it keeps good time, gives me the date and day and it lights up when I push the button. All I need.

    Maybe you should run an “Ugly watch contest”. Might get some advertising bucks from Timex.

    Have fun.

  • Hey Ken;

    Funny thing is I kept noticing a green glow due North on the horizon when I was living in Tennessee and it kept me up at nights wondering what it was. After moving much further south to Florida I no longer could see that eerie green glow.

    I have now figured out it was your watch after looking closely at the picture and figuring out that I’m now out of range of the glow from the “cheapo” watch.

    But hey man I know you’ll remain true to your self and keep that thing on your wrist.

    I also wear a 29.95 Timex but it’s not digital just the typical old school watch with a second hand. It don’t even light up.

    However I may go buy one like yours since I kind of miss the green glow!

    Gary Knuckles
    AKA: Crazy Web Guy

  • Hey there Ken,

    Marlon Sanders posted on his blog “How to Escape Your Day Job, Pay Your Bills,
    and Make Progress Toward The ideal Lifestyle” and I’m using a new Next Level
    Viral Marketing Tool that I can suggest as great for Relationship Marketing Online.

    Should be an Example of something wonderful to expound on the Thought of Your
    Timex Watch and the Marketing Observation and Lessons learned. I mentioned on
    Marlon Sander’s Blog how that You told us about MyBlogLog and I Grabbed it up
    immediately. Talking about some Link Love from Google because of revelant Post
    from that place, well You know Ken that half the story has not been told yet.

    You’re talking about feedback and How “Everyone is Always looking for feedback.”
    Can You raise Your hand on that One, it really is icing on the cake. Peace!

  • Ken, Hello, from my heart,

    Excellent insights on the value of blogging and blog traffic exchange and generation. As to the watch: keep the rich one to wear for photos and when you want to impress someone but wear the reliable Timex when you want to appear down-to-earth and approachable. BTW, until you mentioned it, I never noticed your watch. I was too focused on your nice smile. Peace and love to all —- Ellen

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  • Ken,

    “I cannot belive you wont wear those beautiful silver cufflinks I gave you as a gift just because you only have button up cuffs on your shirts” you still wear that crappy watch

    ” I travelled all the way from Poland to give you that gift, the least you could do is wear them”

    ” If you dont want them then put them up on E Bay and Auction them for charity”

    I am sure their is someone out their who appreciates style!!!!!


  • ……………. Oh by the way, you always tell us about the missions you help.

    Give the money you raise from auctioning the cufflinks to one of the missions.


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