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Are You Up For a Unique Experience?

Hey Folks,

I want to do an experiment and I’d like SOME of you to take part, but ONLY if you are 100% ready, willing and able.

To be part of this experiment …

  • You need to be generous and curious about marketing.
  • It really helps if you are interested in how joint ventures work.
  • You need to have some assets of real value that you are willing to DONATE to me personally, with no prospect of financial return.

And …

FULL DISCLOSURE: Whatever you give me for this project will be used to make a profit.

NOTE: No animals will be harmed in this experiment, with the possible exception of myself.

What Kind of Assets?

The assets could be any one of several forms.

Hopefully YOU can be very creative in thinking up things that you can donate for me to work with, because I am going to try to be VERY CREATIVE in using whatever you donate for me to work with.

I know together we can come up with an AMAZING pile of assets!

And … the more the group donates to this project, the more interesting this experiment will be.

Here are a few examples of things you could donate …

  • Master resale rights to QUALITY products
  • Software packages
  • Physical Products
  • Books
  • Skilled Services (copywriting, graphics work, hosting accounts, etc.)
  • Cash
  • Traffic
  • Existing Websites
  • Advertising
  • Publicity
  • Etc, etc.

Here’s what I DON’T want …

  • Junk in any form
  • Promotions disguised as products
  • Scams, Unethical products, Items of questionable legality
  • Anything you don’t have the full rights for
  • Anything with strings attached

What Am I Doing This …

I’d like to help you to think beyond simple joint ventures and see how we can leverage a set of assets for maximum profit.

YOU get to help me think!

I’ll give you some concrete examples of ways that assets can be leveraged in a real life case study, but YOU get to help me think of ways to do it, because this project will be interactive and FUN!

What to do if you want to participate …

Email me details about your donation using the address ken at jvAlert.com.

  • To donate digital assets, send me a description of the products and extent of rights and a link to download the products.
  • To donate services, send me an email with a description and a method to receive the services.
  • To donate physical products, ship to:

McArthur Business Systems, Inc.
152 Chestnut Drive
Richboro, PA 18954

Feel free to make comments directly on this blog!

This is an INTERACTIVE experiment!

Looking forward to seeing your creative minds at work!

All the best,

Kenneth A. McArthur


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