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Las Vegas Meets Internet Marketing


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Members of this new site get 75% of every dollar spent.

Phil Basten and Jane Mark the creators of Sokule created an ingenious site which gives back to members 75% plus
of every dollar it takes in.

Jane and Phil created a site where people struggling to put food on their table can come in for free and, if they are willing to work,  can earn some decent income.

If you have 10 bucks to part with you can earn even more income and, if you own or promote a business online, you have a shot at getting some pretty innovative advertising for as little as 10 bucks.

Jane calls it, “The Las Vegas of the Advertising world because you can put your 10 bucks in the slot and someone else anywhere among our members can provide you with a sale that you never promoted .”

You don’t need 3 cherries to line up in a row and you don’t need to be an internet marketer or a genius at anything to make money at their new site.

The site lets you buy and sell and link to keywords on the net starting at 20 cents which go up in price every time someone buys them.

For 10 bucks you can purchase 50 keywords of your choosing and if you buy the right ones, someone will buy them from you for a 50% profit.

Buy words that are relevant to your own site and link to those words for nothing and you will have purchased yourself the most visible advertising on their new site.

The world is full of words in many languages …

and if a word exists anywhere on earth, you can own it and, in most cases, you can own it for as little as 20 cents — at least you can now while the site is in its infancy.

  • When someone buys a word  from  you, you get a commission.
  • When someone links to your word, you get a commission.
  • When anyone in your downline makes a transaction, you get a commission
  • When someone, anyone, at the site not in your downline links to your keyword, you get a commission.
  • When someone, anyone at the site buys your keyword you get a commission.

I warn you this site is addictive, but …

Click here to check it out!

All the best,

Ken McArthur

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