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Kenneth A. McArthur

Hey  Folks,

FINALLY, I have a status update for you on our West Coast jvAlert Live on October 19th, 20th and 21st!

The hotel contract is signed and I’m firming up details with some of the amazing speakers that we have lined up and trying to make sure that our special hotel rate for jvAlert Live attendees is in the hotel’s system.

Then comes adding all of the speaker bio’s to the sales page …

Whew! This could go on forever and I’m tired of waiting!

People are e-mailing me and calling every day, asking if everything is locked in and whether they can register yet.


1. You have either been to a jvAlert Live Event and already know how great they are.

OR …

2. You’ve already heard about jvAlert Live and know you want to come for sure!

If that’s YOU, then you can now get registered for the jvAlert Live West Coast event!

But …

If you don’t know about jvAlert Live and don’t already know how wonderful these events are then…

WAIT! I’ll get the speaker information up and polish the sales page and then let you know when that is up.

I want to make a good first impression!

Then you can see the amazing people that are already coming and will HAVE to be there.

The “I already know about this and want to register,” “rough but live” sales page is located at: 

It’s NOT posted on the main site yet, so this is just for my subscribers and friends.

We are holding the event in Long Beach, California, within sight of the famous Queen Mary ocean liner.

We have some exciting new speakers which I will be highlighting for you over the next few weeks.

Here’s just ONE example:

I heard Brendon Burchard when he was a featured speaker at Mark Victor Hansen’s Mega Book. He was outstanding!

We are holding the event in Long Beach, California, within sight of the famous Queen Mary ocean liner.

We have some exciting new speakers which I will be highlighting for you over the next few weeks.

I heard Brendon Burchard when he was a featured speaker at Mark Victor Hansen’s Mega Book.

He was outstanding!

In fact Mark has asked Brendon to repeat his appearance at his next big event, but you don’t have to wade through hundreds of eager fans — I couldn’t even get near the guy at Mega book because of all the people trying to get his ear.

jvAlert Live is an intimate event where it’s EASY to grab one-on-one time with Brendon or ANY of the speakers!

Brendon is the author of the life-changing book from HarperCollins entitled Life’s Golden Ticket. He is also an in-demand life coach, leadership speaker and business consultant who is revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs do business by teaching them how to partner with nonprofits and major corporations.

By creating and leveraging innovative nonprofit and corporate partnerships, Brendon has sold three major books, quadrupled his speaking engagements, doubled his product sales, launched a half-million-dollar seminar series, won corporate sponsorships, and appeared on ABC World News, CBS, NPR, Oprah and Friends, and over 65 major radio stations across the country–all this by the age of 30!

By working with nonprofits and corporations, Brendon has achieved these remarkable results:

  • His first book, The Student Leadership Guide, has sold 20,000 copies in an unexplored niche and allowed him to speak and consult with any university in the world he chooses to
  • His second book was used as an e-book by a Fortune 500 company and downloaded over 100,000 times, establishing him as a leading authority with major corporations
  • His third book was sold to HarperCollins and broke 12 foreign rights sales records worldwide before its release, amassing over $350,000 in advances. The book, called Life’s Golden Ticket, has just been released and is in bookstores now.
  • He has also grown his client list, subscriber database, and product sales by exponential, record-breaking levels.
  • His clients, promotional partners and benefactors have included Sony Pictures, Wachovia Bank, Best Buy, Accenture, Junior Achievement, Kiwanis International,, and many others.

Brendon’s presentations are known for two things: energy and content.

Here are just a couple of the things you will learn:

Why nonprofit and corporate partnerships are the most important and effective marketing strategy for building your brand and business

How to position yourself so that nonprofits and major corporations will spend thousands of dollars on promoting YOU to their members, customers and communities

How to identify “perfect-fit” nonprofit and corporate partnerships…and how to write the perfect partnership proposal to stand out and win the deal fast

How to incorporate your partnership platforms in marketing materials, loan requests, book proposals, websites or any document that can build your business

What you MUST do to win partnerships and sponsorships and the four things you must NEVER say to a potential partner

How to leverage your platform to quadruple your sponsorships, product sales, press appearances, and event attendees

How to build extraordinary wealth and give back to your commmunity through your partnerships and sponsorships

And that’s just ONE speaker!

You KNOW that all of your friends and partners are going to be there!

Registration for jvAlert Live! West is Regularly Priced at Only $1,297

But Right Now to Make This a Total “No-Brainer” for You We Are Offering Our Literally World Famous…


We have a wonderful group of people that NEVER want to miss a single jvAlert Live Event.

Some of them have been to every single one and I want to make sure that they keep coming back.

So …

When I first announce each jvAlert Live Event, I offer a special “Early-Bird” ticket that all of my regulars know about.

Not only do I cut the price almost in half, but I encourage them to bring a guest — at NO EXTRA COST.

In fact, most of them get together with a friend and split the cost of the ticket, which makes for an amazing deal that almost no one wants to pass up.

That’s by design, because I want people who NEED this event to be able to get there.

In fact, if the $695 price is what’s keeping you from coming, I want you to let me know, because I don’t EVER want money to be the reason that you don’t come to a jvAlert Live Event.

But, you do have to know that the low price means that seats go quickly!

Because we REFUSE to let jvAlert Live get too large or lose it’s “intimate family” feeling …



(The second it’s over the price will jump back up to the regular price of $1,297.)

Hotel information and instructions are on the thank you page when you register.

If you have ANY problem with the hotel giving you the jvAlert rate PLEASE let me know via the help desk at:

We will DEFINITELY get the special rate for you.

More information coming soon!

All the best, 

Kenneth A. McArthur

P.S. Get signed up for all three blogs right now!

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