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Product Development

Are domain names important?

Could be – or maybe not.

It really depends what people use them for. Some websites get all of their traffic through direct links, so people never have to type them in.

But … for most of us a great domain name can translate directly to better results.


If you are anything like me you can take years to do what you could do in a week. You think, plan and try to figure out the “best” thing to do and then when you do something, you do it half-way and get half-way results — or worse. Then you HAVE to do something, because your world is falling in and somehow you pull enough money out of the bag to survive another week.

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If you ever wanted to be on the INSIDE of a Start Up EARLY, you should read this entire post very carefully.


What do you want, where do you want it and who do you want to be there?


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