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Hey Folks, I’m in Lincoln, Nebraska on the set of Thor Schrock’s Top Affiliate Challenge along with Jeremy Shoemaker, John Chow and 12 amazing contestants, all ready to face off in the first ever Internet Reality Show that’s dedicated to the world of affiliate marketing. I was a bit of a pioneer in the affiliate […]


Hey Folks, jvAlert Live couldn’t be stopped! The book is flying off the shelves! The future is unlimited! So now what? Traditionally, Summer is the slow season for Internet marketing efforts, so that was the time that I took to build solid products, do my research and try to create the next big thing. Last […]


Hey Folks, What happens on launch day when your friends, partners and loyal customers all decide to promote your book to over 4.1 million people on the same day? Our dedicated high-speed T-1 line was crammed with people buying the book, downloading the bonuses and hundreds of hours of zero cost resources. I had trouble […]


Hey Folks, Randy Gilbert sent me a copy of Jeffrey A. Landers new book, “The Home Office from Hell Cure” in which Jeffrey asks the question, “Are you a Growth Maven or a Lifestyle Guru?” There’s a nice little quiz in the book that you can take to tell which one you are. Growth mavens […]

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Hey Folks, Malcolm Gladwell, author of Tipping Point and Blink and other amazing works is such an detailed, fact-filled icon that you KNOW the guy is THE authority on how ideas move and spread, but his real genius is that he’s a master story teller. Now, Malcolm has admitted telling a few tall tales in […]