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Do You Want an Invitation?

I’m inviting 50 of the most influential people I know to a powerful weekend retreat in San Diego, March 19th – 21st and I’m wondering if you want an invitation.

Each of those fifty will pick the two most amazing people THEY know to join us.

That makes a total of 150 hand-picked, amazing, world-class people in San Diego for the Impact Event — That’s where I’m capping it. so we can keep this intimate and exclusive.

ALREADY an incredible group of dynamic, gifted people are committed to coming.

Impact Attendees Prepare To Be Wowed!

Mark Joyner is a #1 best-selling author of over a dozen books translated in almost as many languages. He is widely recognized as one of the early pioneers of e-commerce, responsible for inventing, pioneering, and popularizing many of the technologies we take for granted today (including remotely-hosted ad tracking, electronic books, Integration Marketing, and more …)

  • One of his books ( shot to #1 within 36 hours of its release.
  • One of his websites became the 37th most visited website on the planet within 6 weeks of its release.
  • His pioneering ebook (Search Engine Tactics) was downloaded over 1,000,000 times years before e-books were common.
  • He turned a fledgling one-man operation into a multi-million-dollar International corporation with customers in every internet-connected country on the planet in two years time.

Mark earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology through independent study while simultaneously serving in the U.S. Army in the Military Intelligence Corp (he speaks Korean fluently graduating at the top of his class at the Defense Language Institute).

Is a cold-war veteran of military intelligence and a former U.S. Army Officer. He held a Top Secret SCI clearance (the highest clearance level in the US) for several years.

He was awarded for his military service by the U.S. Army, the Republic of Korea Army, the Korean Consulate General, and the President of the United States.

You know some of the things we’ve done before.

Imagine what could happen if we — as a group of 150 people — were proactive about creating massive impact for YOUR ideas, products and services!

What if we took advantage of all the science we have now to move our ideas, solutions, products and services to the people who really need them?

This event is about reaching millions instead of thousands with your ideas, solutions, products and services and is designed to help corporations, non-profit organizations, small business people, authors, speakers, marketers and many others to reach the masses and make a difference.

We will be discovering cutting edge techniques in the areas of idea propagation, publicity, publishing, marketing, list building, advertising, motivation, persuasion, radio, television, magazines, social media, joint ventures, video production, corporate sponsorships and more, more, more.

Even better …

Everyone at the event will be able to network, collaborate and partner with a wonderful family of powerful influencers, corporate and non-profit visionaries, marketing experts, small business owners.

I’m starting with 50 of the most influential people I know and asking them to each invite the two most amazing people they know to get together for a weekend to work together, create relationships and learn the techniques that will empower them to spread the word about their ideas, products and services and make a difference and change lives.

Picture 150 of the most amazing and influential people in the world gathered in one place for an mind expanding weekend of networking, collaboration, synergy, creation and fun!

I’m only inviting 50 people so if you want an invitation let me know that you can make it and I’ll send you the details.

The event will be at the Catamaran Hotel and Spa in San Diego and the only cost for the three day event is a $97 non-refundable registration fee to hold your spot as one of the 150 people committed to coming.

Click here if you want to come and I’ll send you the secret code for the registration link.

Hope to see you soon at Impact San Diego!

All the best,

Ken McArthur

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