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May 2009

Love this kind of feedback! Dear Ken, I just HAD to write you this. I know that you get many emails and letters thanking you for your hard work, your caring, your events, and so on.  But I wanted to make sure that I express myself to you, to encourage you to continue on the […]


jvAlert Masters of Copywriting Project Over the years, I’ve been blessed to know MANY master-level copywriters, including Michel Fortin, David Garfinkel, Joe Sugarman, Ray Edwards, Mike Morgan, Carl Galletti ….  well the list is endless. At jvAlert Live last year we had a world-class panel that was FILLED with great copywriters. I have literally YEARS […]

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Tough Times, Tough Decisions for Massive Impact Tough economic times aren’t real until they impact you personally, but when they do … watch out! It was clear after the Impact Event, that many of my friends aren’t feeling the pinch at all while others are experiencing intense pain that first stuns, then cripples and HOPEFULLY […]