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November 2008

Are You Up For a Unique Experience? Hey Folks, I want to do an experiment and I’d like SOME of you to take part, but ONLY if you are 100% ready, willing and able. To be part of this experiment … You need to be generous and curious about marketing. It really helps if you […]


Hey Folks, My last post has become controversial. In fact, I lost a number of subscribers over my post who were downright angry about it. Even some of my best friends didn’t understand what I was trying to say or thought the post was confusing or just didn’t sound like me. So I thought maybe […]


Hey Folks, Two of my close friends had an argument this week and it’s sad.  They don’t agree on some things and those things are important to them.  That means that things probably won’t be the same between them. This happens all the time, but today … You are going to be disappointed in one […]