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September 2008

It’s HARD not to be proud of these incredible folks! Hey Folks, I know, I’m not supposed to boast about my friends and clients, but it’s HARD to resist this month.


Hey Folks, Has your mailbox been full of huge claims, big talk and lots of excitement this week? Mine sure has! Everyone is shouting to the rooftops! What happens when the hype dies down? Mostly …


Hey Folks, Must be something about Vegas because even though I usually have at least 65 speakers wanting to present at EVERY jvAlert Live this time my old and new friends BOTH are coming out of the woodwork. The list of speakers and panelists is AMAZING this time around. Imagine working on your project with […]


Hey Folks, I’d rather let you know 90% of this than wait any longer, because things are going to be really popping around here for months and I just want to be able to get together with you. Any chance you can make it to Las Vegas, October 17th, 18th and19th?