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October 2007

Hey Folks, Just back from jvAlert Live Long Beach and what a weekend it was! I’ll be putting up some pictures soon to give you an idea, but bottom-line, it was amazing! We are family! We come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and backgrounds. Our beliefs, temperaments and attitudes are all over the place, […]


Hey Folks, Jason Oman had his surgery and it went about as expected. The next 10 days will determine the success of his recovery, so please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers. As Larry Benet said, “He is a fighter.” He was moving around a lot before they sedated him again and […]


Hey Folks, Good news! Jason Oman is now conscious. We should find out sometime today when they will operate on Jason. He had a brain aneurysm on Thursday, so your prayers and support will be helpful. For those of you who live in Atlanta or visit Atlanta, popping by the hospital would be nice. His […]


Hey Folks, Glenn Dietzel my friend and mentor and Christine Comaford Lynch, the bestselling author of Rules for Renegades have both been reminding me to look for the pain this week. Christine also says that, “everything is an illusion, so you might as well choose the illusion that you want to live.” These days I […]

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