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August 2007

Hey Folks, One of the nice things about running an event like jvAlert Live!  and working on my new book is the people that you get to meet. This week jvAlert Live! speaker, Dave Lakhani, introduced me to another amazing person. I’m going to be interviewing her for my new book, Impact: How to Get Noticed, […]

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Hey Folks, It’s been an exciting week! Career Press has offered to make my new book their “lead book” for the “Spring/Summer” Season of 2008. Not only did they give me a very nice advance, but they have offered to put their money where it really speaks and offer co-op advertising dollars, additional publicity, the […]


Hey Folks, It’s one of those weeks from hell that we all seem to have from time to time. The big culprit this time is that my personal computer died. Naturally, backups are impossible these days … or I should say backups are easy, restoration is impossible. So … If you e-mailed me and didn’t […]


Hey Folks, Here are five things you probably didn’t know about one of our amazing jvAlert Live West Coast speakers. Let me know if you think you know who our speaker is! 1. Before “Speaker X” decided to go to business school at University of Maryland, “Speaker X” was in a Pre-Medical program studying to […]


Hey  Folks, FINALLY, I have a status update for you on our West Coast jvAlert Live on October 19th, 20th and 21st! The hotel contract is signed and I’m firming up details with some of the amazing speakers that we have lined up and trying to make sure that our special hotel rate for jvAlert […]