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June 2007

Hey Folks Tim Knox just launched his new book, Everything I Know About Business I Learned From My Mama. You can get your own copy of Tim’s hilarious new hard cover business book for less than 20 bucks and grab over $4,137.00 In Digital Bonuses Free! This Book Is For: Anyone who is thinking about starting […]


Hey Folks, I’m headed out Sunday morning with two 47 passenger buses and a van full of teenagers to “rough it” for a week as we help rebuild facilities for relief groups that provide services to migrant workers and other low-income workers in Portland Maine. We will camp out on the floors of an old church, cook our own […]


Hey Folks, I’m really proud of Joyce Jackson! The book is done and today is the day! When Joyce Jackson came to her first jvAlert Live! event, she was on a mission to save thousands of children from sexual predators. When she put her project on the “Hot Seat” she got the full support of an […]


Hey Folks, I just wrapped up an amazing jvAlert Live Event and naturally came home to a stack of e-mails. One of those e-mails was a response to an e-mail that I sent in 2002.  How’s that for a delayed response! At the time, of my e-mail I was selling a portal package and a potential customer […]


Hey Folks, I’m really starting to get excited about this weekend at jvAlert Live Philadelphia! If you know of someone who really should be at this event and TELL them! It’s still not too late to have them join us for an amazing event! We are having jvAlert Live Philadelphia, June 8th, 9th and 10th […]